Learning Management System

BPO Asia Institute’s (BAI) Learning Management System (LMS) is a turn-key and customizable online learning platform that can be utilized to track, monitor, document, report and deliver eLearning solutions for schools, corporations, governments and other institutions.

As a tool to promote social learning in a controlled environment, the LMS is an application made for your institution or organization to help you manage content, performance, class schedules and other learning interactions and activities. BAI helps you develop a customized LMS that directly answers your needs..

We have the expertise in designing, developing and delivering learning platforms. Here are some ways:

  • Integrated LMS Software is the convergence of resources, class records, performance reports and all other information relevant among the administrators, learners, teachers and managers. Designed to make learning social, the LMS creates a living community among stakeholders in your organization or institution.
  • Learning Management Portal easily lets you share your learning documents and data while having full control on who and when students and learners can access these. The portal becomes a one-stop shop flexible enough to accommodate varying roles in your organization or institution.
  • Unified Learning Management Program links you to various learning channels to come up with a cohesive and unique solution that will support the holistic learning of your students and learners.

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